Monday, July 28, 2008

Prishtina Summer University

Please share you comments and experieces you had with Prishtina Summer University


Johann said...

The Prishtina Summer University is a modern institution. The participants also modern people. We decided to use a new instrument like BLOG, which fits to this targetgroup.
Johann Günther

Memidin Braha said...

Hi everybody, PSU is a great opportunity to exchange experiencies with people from different countries and different cultures as well.

Halil Asllani said...

Hello, people. Prishtina Summer University is really great. All the students there come from different countries with different backgrounds. It gives the students opportunities to learn, to broaden their experiences and do a lot of other recreational activities. In a word it's great.

leonora said...

Summer University of Prishtina is a very good opportunity for students to explore new things. My course journalism i think is the best one.Our professors Remzie Shahini-Hoxhaj and Johann Guenther are very frendly and they are teaching as in the best way.
First week-was a very interesting week we strted to enter in the world of journalism with the lectures given by prof.Remzie then we made two visits the first one on KOHA DITORE the most popular jounal here and the second one on the public broadcaster RTK. I realy enjoyed the visit.
Second week-we had lectures with professor Johann we realy learned new things and interesting things from him. We made a presentation in frot of the camera.It was my first time and i spoke too fast i did not liked myself at all.We also made a visit on the urban FM radio.
third week-two professors were with as on the lectures,we made a group presentation, i think i was better then the first time.Today we were at Multimedia RROTA.
So, students do not lose te oppurtinity to be part of SUP because you will have a unforgotable expereince.

filloreta said...

hi everyone, i have to tell you semthing for my course. SUP is a very good chance and my course is the best one. our professors are very correct and i like them. i am enjoying my cours and i hope that everyone could have a chance to be part of SUP because it is a great experience.

Gent said...

At first Prishtina Summer Univesity is international summer school, where are crowded students from all round the world. So this provides a really good chance to meet students from the other countrys and exchange experience with them. At PSU are olso teachers from the other countrys. I'm in course "Introduction to Journalism", even if I dont study journalism I have enjoyed it during these three weeks, especially visits thet we did at journalism institution like 'Koha Ditore', 'RTK', 'Radio Urban FM' etc.
I'm very happy to be part of Prishtina Summer University.
Gent Ismaili

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I would like to thank you all and especially prof. Gunther and prof. Remzie for your warm approach to us and for the unforgettable lectures and info's that you shared with us all.

It was a pleasure to wake up every day in 8 o'clock in the morning these 3 weeks.

p.s. I hope you all enjoyed this summer course as much as I did :)


Johann said...

Dear Colleagues !

Yesterday I wanted to say: professors and students. You all are colleagues. We learn from each other. Professors fromd students, students from professors, professors from professors and students from students.
After this 3 weeks summer university we all are friends.
Yes. We became friends in this 3 weeks. I have seen this again during our todays meeting and also yesterday in the red hall.
You were a great class. You were the best course at this Summer University. Also other students told us this.
You learned many new things.
And – we all became new friends.
It was great.
Thank you and lets keep in touch via our blog.

Have nice summer

Johann Günther

Anonymous said...

Dear Colleagues (of course, here are included Prof. Johann and Prof. Remzije)

I olso would like to say thanks to all. I was always enjoying this course during these three weeks.
I'm olso happy that our professors have communicated with us as with colleauges, I really appreciate this attitude.

PSU was very good experience for me, but being part of this excellent group was more.

Gent Ismaili

Anonymous said...

Hello people, hello colleagues, hello everybody. Three weeks went so quickly, we learned a lot of things so quickly and I want to send to you all my warmest greetings so quickly and I hope we'll see each other soon ( so quickly ). The group was very friendly behaved and that's what made it great.
I would also like to give my special thanks to our Professor Guenther who was great and made our lessons very interesting... In the end I wish everyone all the best and try to work until your good is better and your better best.

Halil Asllani

Johann said...

Prishtina Summer University 2008
Closing Event
My Words to the Students and Colleagues of Teaching Staff

Dear Students - you are the most important – during these days!
Dear Colleagues!
After 3 weeks I would say: Dear friends!
I am not typically to present a foreign professor. I live already 1 ½ years here in Prishtina. I have adapted myself on the Balkan circumstances. Monika, the colleague from Italy could see it today, when she came with me in my car. I have adapted my driving to the Balkan traffic.
Never the less, I have an Austrian Passport. So: I am a foreigner.
Kosovo as a new country is on the way to Europe. To became a full member of European organization. This summer university is an important milestone. It is a tool to reach this European target. Professors from different countries came together. Students from neighbor countries and from more far away were together for 3 weeks. All learned from each other:
• Professors from professors – in their daily live they can not make some comparison, how other professors are teaching
• Students from Professors
• Professors from Students – yes; I also learned a lot from you!
• Students from students
The content, we as professors have put over to you as students was just one part of this important communication. Also we used new ways of didactic; new ways of teaching.
What I have learned during these weeks was, that students from Balkans are working harder then students from central Europe. Why? The statistic say´s, that more than 50 % of population is younger than 25 years. This means, there is more competition in this group of society. To get a place at university someone from here must work harder then someone in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The percentage of young people is smaller. The competition is less. In some countries, families have just one child. This means, they produce princes and princesses. Egoist´s.

I am very happy and proud, that I was allowed to teach here at this Summer University. It was not easy for me to be member of the teaching staff. One fellow in the committee was against. This forced me, to do better and maybe better than many others. My personal target was, to make the best course of Prishtinas Summer University. I say “Thank you” to vice rector Suzanna Mantschuka. She made it possible, that I am here.

In my course, we used many new technologies like
• Blog Talk
• Presentation in front of camera
• Excursions to a publishing house, to a television, to a radio operator and a multimedia company.
This interactive teaching and learning had used some afternoons of your time, but it was a good investment.
Also thanks to these techniques, the summer university will not be over this week. Our blog is on a server. This server will be active till next year´s summer-university. Students and professors will communicate via this internet tool. They will inform each other about news. The friendship will go on. On an electronic way.
Thank you.

Johann Günther
Prishtina, July 31th 2008

besiana said...

Dear friends (all of you-colleagues and professors) thank you for being a special part of my life... During the Summer University I had a great time, I learned many interesting things and for that I'm especially thankful to Prof. Johann Gunter and Prof. Remzije Osmani-Hoxhaj. I hope that we will keep in touch with each other...
Besiana (Podujeva :) ) or as you all know my nickname - Chocolate.

Albulena H said...

I heard that you had very good time the other day when you went out and I wanted so much to meet you all once again but unfortunatly I couldn't. I hope we will meet once again, untill then bye and have a nice time.
All the best

SkyWalker said...

dear PSU participants,
It is my first time being apart of this summer university. I'm very glad to attend course "Introduction to Journalism" and share opinions and experiences with others students and especially professors. I also want to emphasize the great chance i had to be lectured by professor Johann Gunter and professor Remzije Shahini-Hoxhaj.
this course has been a good source of new and interesting ideas, specifically the part when we discussed about the role of technology in everyday life.

in conclusion, I'm satisfied with the academic part, but I suggest that the organizational part be more effective and efficient.

all the best,


Burak YALIM said...

Dear PSU participants (students and professors)

At first I have to say that I am greatful all my course mates (included Mr. Gunther and Ms. Remzie). I have taken course "Introduction to Journalism" and in my class just I am from abroad. I mean that all my course mates are Albanians. In the begining I feel like a stranger but just for a while. When all my friends and especially Ms. Remzie welcome me like a their family member I feel like at home in Prishtina. I can say that I learn too much from my course and my friends. At first I learn too much about Kosova. I am really satisfied with the theoretical part , I mean academic knowledge. But the best one for me our visits to dofferent media buildings. I learn too much from this visits. In addition it was also good that we had guest lecturers sometimes and we learn form different peoples.

See you around friends, Best Regards.